Have you Experienced these Common Agile Scrum Mistakes


  • Just doing Agile Events and Roles with out being Agile
  • Retrospectives Without Continuous Improvement
  • Using Agile Scrum for IT support or other Continuous flow work instead of Kanban
  • Ignoring The Events
  • Poor Team Structure- too many or not enough team members
  • No Definition of Done (DoD), Definition of Ready (DoR), or Team Agreements
  • Not Enough Training
  • An Absent Product Owner
  • Unsure which application ( Azure DevOps, Outlook, SharePoint, Teams) to use for what purpose
  • Poorly defined Product Backlog Items
  • The team is struggling with delivery and sprint commitments are not going to be met
  • The daily scrum is taking 30+ minutes
  • We aren’t able to complete any stories during sprint
  • Our stakeholders keep changing or adding stories to our sprints

And our retrospectives read like this:


Challenges Adopting & Scaling Agile


McKinsey Results



Agile Teams Fix Up

We can get your Agile team on the right track. We will examine the backlog and provide recommendations and help with backlog refinement. We can run a series of workshops on backlog refinement and help build the backlog with Epics, Features, Stories, Tasks.

An example of some of the things we could do to help your teams is to facilitate:

  • Team Agreement
  • Definition of Done
  • Definition of Ready
  • Event/Ceremonies Efficiencies
  • Setting up your boards in Azure DevOps