Dynamic Interactive Virtual Course


Traditional In-Person Workshop


  • 2 Hours on Demand
  • 1 x 4 Hour Virtual Session
  • 1/2 Day in Person Training

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In this dynamic and interactive course, attendees learn the basics of Azure DevOps as well as understanding the configurations available on an Agile board. All participants will have hands-on exercises and will gain the knowledge and skills to successfully work in in Azure DevOps.

This is a highly interactive course will incorporate Agile concepts which leads to an Azure DevOps demonstration and then a brief hands-on exercise for each participant.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Describe the Agile process and its benefits
  • How to segue successfully from Waterfall to Agile
  • Manage Agile Implementations
  • Utilize Kanban Principles
  • Optimally Implement Agile methods
  • Avoid Agile concerns and pitfalls

Microsoft Azure


Getting Started

  • Introductions
  • Course Goal
  • Team Agreement

Azure DevOps Overview

  • Hierarchy
  • List
  • Board
  • Backlog
  • Work items

Agile Scrum Review

  • Manifesto
  • Principle
  • Scrum Overview

Accessing Azure DevOps

  • Login In
  • Navigation

Managing Iterations

  • Configure the time box iteration
  • Setting interaction goal
  • Configure Team Capacity

Backlog Hierarchy

  • Product backlog
  • Attributes
  • Epics
  • Feature
  • Stories
  • Managing Work Item
  • Adding Stories
  • Link Epics to Feature to Stories to Tasks
  • Prioritization guide line
  • Adding Priority
  • Estimating Guidelines
  • Add Estimates
  • Task Breakdown
  • Adding Task
  • Adding PBI’s to Iterations
  • Blocking Tasks

Kanban Overview


  • Creating Queries
  • Running queries


  • Creating
  • Editing


  • Configure Widgets
  • Creating the Dashboard