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  • 2 Days in Person

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In today’s world of fast-paced technology, continually changing requirements and project scope, the need for Agile Project Management has greatly increased. The foundation of Agile is the Agile Manifesto for Software Development. Lately, we have seen a trend to use Agile Principles for Marketing, Sales, Product Development and other IT projects. Unfortunately, we have also witnessed poor Implementation of Agile, from just using the Buzz Words, to partial implementations The goal of this course is to not only provided a roadmap for implementation but to also discuss how to avoid or deal with implementation and pitfalls.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Describe the Agile project management process and its benefits
  • How to segue successfully from Waterfall to Agile
  • Manage Agile Implementations
  • Utilize  Kanban Principles
  • Optimally Implement Agile methods
  • Avoid Agile concerns and pitfalls


  • Agile Defined
  • Agile Benefits
  • Waterfall to Agile
  • Agile Scrum Implementation
  • Kanban Defined
  • Agile  Scrum Roles Implementation
  • Agile Implementation Challenges
  • Waterfallicies
  • Scrum Buts
  • Summary
  • Appendix A – Additional References