Implementing PM3-0

We can help you Stop the pain of failed projects with PM 1.0 Traditional through too many processes and complicated tools, expand PM 2.0 Agile from a software-only focus and move to an integrated Portfolio, Program, Project and Operational excellence with PM3-0 Transformational! With PM3-0, our clients will have the tools, knowledge, and skills to ensure you deliver the right projects with the Right Scope, Right Quality, Right Resources, On Time and In budget.


Using our proven effective assessment tool, we can quickly and easily evaluate your organization’s project management maturity and the strengths/with respect to each of the PM 3-0 Principles.

  • Scene It -Visualize the impossible!
  • Select It – Don’t’ just do projects right do the right projects!
  • See Through Risks – Take Risks, but assess manage and control risks!
  • Sequence – Do Projects in the Right Order
  • Simplify – Uncomplicatedly getting results
  • Supercharge Stakeholders- Make People Awesome!

There is a better way – Simple Works

We honestly believe there is a better way:
enabling our clients to achieve real business value in today’s new rapidly changing world economy

We will ensure you have the necessary tools for training and custom Kanban boards for Project Success with PM3-0 Transformational.


Successfully implement and optimize Agile for your Projects

Agile Challenges

“Daily Scrum – It’s a waste of time and interrupts my work.”

“Daily Scrum is just a chance for the Scrum Master to show up and micromanage.”

“Daily Scrum is for reporting status, but I could do that in an email.”

25% of highly Agile organizations did not meet their goals/business intent, 35% did not finish on time, and 33% where over budget.

-The Axelos Ppm Benchmark Study 2017 Edition

“We’re using Scrum, but… we don’t do X.” The “but” often removes the parts of Scrum (or other Agile method) that expose problems (we’re doing Scrum, but… we don’t do Daily Scrums every day), thus defeating the purpose of Scrum.

Agile for Projects Overview

We’ll facilitate, mentor and guide your Agile Team through your real work. PM Transformational Consultants will help you implement Agile and not just for software projects. We support your teams through Agile ceremonies, applying Agile techniques in your unique environment. Teams learn how to deliver high-value features in short increments with visibility and predictability.

Either at your location or virtually, our consultants can coach and facilitate your project or program teams, programs and PMO’s. We can create and leverage Electronic Kanban boards to visualize work, manage workflow, eliminate status reporting, and to show a portfolio view. Our service are adaptable to a wide variety of industries with different levels of Project Management Maturity. Your custom process and tools will provide a view and analytics not just at the project level, but up to the program and portfolio. This will allow you to visualize the work flow and to make the right decision to focus on the right projects.

What we do

  • Plan Agile adoption for small groups.
  • Plan, guide and co-facilitate team, program and portfolio ceremonies.
  • Improve Agile practices and collaboration for individuals, teams, and programs.
  • Mentor team leaders in facilitation and servant leadership.
  • Configure Kanban Electronic board and use the platform to make decisions and improvements.
  • Coach on technical practices.
  • Develop custom training courses.

You get Results with PM Transformational Agile for Projects coaching. 

  • Develop and deliver custom training courses.
  • Deliver high-value, high-quality products and services that your customers want.
  • Make critical decisions quickly to avoid common failure patterns in large enterprise Agile adoptions.
  • Achieve the performance, visibility, and predictability to make more informed decisions.
  • Change and more effectively navigate fiercely competitive markets.
  • Align strategy and development.
  • Adopt Agile methods at the team level, in context with your real work and unique environment.
  • Scale Agile practices successfully to the program level.
  • Develop custom electronic Kanban Board.
  • Speed Agile adoption for groups both small and large.
  • Plan, guide, and co-facilitate Agile ceremonies.
  • Improve Agile practices and collaboration for individuals, teams, and programs.
  • Mentor leaders in facilitation and servant leadership.
  • Configure CA Agile Central products.
  • Leverage data for decisions and improvements.