PM1-0 Managing Projects and Programs with
Microsoft® Project Server 2010/2013




Dynamic Interactive Virtual Course


Traditional In-Person Workshop


  • 3-4 hour Virtual Session
  • 2 days Traditional

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This workshop provides hands-on experience for Project Managers and Project Team Members who will be using Microsoft Project Professional and/or Project Web App (PWA). This course provides an understanding of the role project managers and team members, resource manager, and project executives have within the system and focuses on how those roles could utilize each of the components.


 Understand the Project Server Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management environment.

  • How Project Managers and team members can initiate, plan and manage project schedules in this environment.
  • How to add existing SharePoint task lists to Project Web App and to change these lists to enterprise projects.
  • How to work with an enterprise resource pool for capacity planning, work allocation, and resource management across projects.
  • How to manage and track project task assignments and update project status from a project manager and team member role.
  • How to work with the collaboration tools provided within the system.
  • Understanding the role of resources in updating non-project work and in communicating and collaborating status utilizing this system.
  • Learn the functionality provided to the project manager and team member roles in each of the stages of project lifecycle management provided by Project Server.



Getting Started with Microsoft® Project Server 2013

  • Describing the EPM context
  • Discovering Project Server 2013 and Project Online
  • Differentiating the users of Project Server 2013
  • Working with Project Professional 2013 and Project Server 2013


Initiating Projects

  • Initiating processes with Project Professional, SharePoint lists, Enterprise Projects, and Resource Plans
  • Importing projects and managing project owner and permissions


Planning Projects – Scope and Schedule Management

  • Planning context and framework
  • Scheduling in PWA
  • Using the Deliverables feature


Planning Projects – Staffing Management Plan

  • Building a project team
  • Managing resource availability
  • Reviewing the assignment cycle
  • Resolving resource over reallocation


Planning Projects – Cost Components and Performance Measurement Baseline

  • Developing components of the Cost Management Planning processes
  • Working with the baseline in projects and programs or master schedules


Improving the Collaboration in the Project Sites

  • Creating the Project Sites
  • Developing components of the Risk Management Plan and Issues Tracking
  • Linking planning documents
  • Additional apps and customization


Executing Projects

  • Understanding executing processes
  • Managing resources using Build Team and other features
  • Working with timesheets
  • Reporting administrative time
  • Configuring personal settings


Monitoring and Controlling Projects – Tracking Task and Project Progress

  • Understanding the Monitoring and Controlling processes
  • Task progress and updates in PWA including considerations for different tracking methods
  • Task progress and updates in Project Professional 2013


Monitor and Control Projects – Measuring Performance and Reporting Progress

  • Understanding Status Reports
  • Reviewing performance metrics and progress reports
  • Taking advantage of preloaded reports at the Business Intelligence Center
  • Considerations for defining custom reports


Closing Projects

  • Reviewing the closing processes and closing tasks to updates
  • Supporting the closing process