PM1-0 Project Management with SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016



Dynamic Interactive Virtual Course


Traditional In-Person Workshop


  • 3-4 hour Virtual Session
  • 2 days Traditional

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This course provides instruction for building, managing and interacting on a SharePoint Project Management Information System (PMIS).  Participants will learn the intricacies of SharePoint and master its use to analyze and control projects, clarify objectives and communicate with team members. 

The training is very interactive, providing opportunities for all attendees to participate and learn. We will use a four-step training method:

  • Explain the concepts
  • Demonstrations
  • Participants following a detailed instruction and after seeing the demo, use their own sites to compete an exercise


  • Foster team and stakeholder communications using a SharePoint Site.
  • Leverage project management processes with SharePoint.
  • Monitor and analyze the project in a SharePoint site.
  • Set up project status reports.
  • Synchronize project management tools with SharePoint.



  • Getting Started
  • Exploring the SharePoint Environment
  • Setting up the Project Management Site
  • Working with Standard Lists
  • Working with Libraries
  • Fundamental Administrative Tasks on the Site
  • Content Approval, Version Control, and Workflows
  • Fostering Team Communication with SharePoint
  • Implementing Project Planning Tools in SharePoint
  • Implementing Stakeholder Management and Communication
  • Implementing Risk Assessment and Management
  • Using Meeting Workspaces for Status Meetings
  • Procurement Management with SharePoint
  • Closing the Project